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450 Coolant Radiator Removal

Modification Details

Remove the front panels, remove the crash bar and remove the front frame.

With the frame removed, look on the back and you'll see a clip on each side.

Lift the edge of the clip and push it over until it pings off, never to be seen again.

Turn the frame over, grab the plastic shroud...

...and pull it away.

Look closely at the top of the radiator, just below the white polystyrene spar.

Tucked at the back is a Torx 30 screw. Remove it.

The radiator pack can now be pulled from the metal frame.

Flip it over and you'll see 2x Torx 30 screws that need removing from the top.

On the bottom are some clips that look like they are going to be hard to disconnect.

Thankfully, just grab the top of the fan shroud and pull. It will start to lever at the clips which will eventually unclip.

The fan shroud is now free from the radiator pack. Wear it like a hat.

The coolant radiator will now be visible.

Just hinge it down from the top...

And it'll be free from the radiator pack. Fit the replacement if that's what you're doing.

If you want to remove the air conditioning radiator as well, look here.

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