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450 Fuel Tank Drain

Modification Details

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is quite well hidden, it is behind the offside rear wheel arch.
Jack the car up, remove the wheel and remove the arch liner.

On each end of the filter is a connector with an orange clip. To disconnect the pipe you 
just have to push the orange clip in with your thumb or a screwdriver and pull the pipe.

When the pipes have been pulled off you will loose about 100ml of petrol into your sleeves
and all over your shoes. Try your best to catch it all in your suitable container.


Once you have drained the tank, fit a new fuel filter and fill the tank fully with correct fuel.

Suitable Container

I use the phrase "suitable container" in the hope that you'll use a fuel can. However I know what you lot are like.
If it's contaminated fuel you are just going to pump it into a juice bottle or straight down the drain.

Now To Drain The Tank

3 options, starting with the worst and ending with the best.

Option 1 - Remote Pump

Buy yourself a fuel-safe pump. It's best if it's 12 volts and it has to be self priming or it'll do nothing.
Put some pipe on each end of the pump ( 6mm ID seemed to work ok)...

...connect the inlet to the fuel filter and the outlet into your suitable container. Connect up the power.

A spare 12 volt car battery is the easiest option. Let it pump the fuel tank contents out.

Option 2 - Override The Existing Pump

Disconnect the fuel filter pipe and put a 6mm ID piece of hose from the filter into a suitable container.

I made some battery clips with wire and a standard size spade connector on the end. I only needed one.

I dropped the SAM unit, disconnected the connector that powers the fuel pump and connected that terminal straight
to the battery. The fuel pump is earthed through the body so it makes the circuit and runs constantly when attached.

It is up to you to look at the SAM unit pin outs to determine which connector you need.

When your suitable container gets nearly full, disconnect the power connection.

Option 3 - The Slower But Easier Way


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