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451 Boost Gauge

Modification Details

451 Turbo Boost Gauge

The 451 turbo petrol engine doesn't have the accessibility as the previous 450 Suprex engine.
The throttle body is tucked away, the air inlet manifold goes down the back of the engine
and all of the useable post-throttle body pipes just aren't accessible or easy to use.

This means that you either have to compromise, get creative or do a lot of work.
I'm not a fan or compromise and I'm very work shy but I am incredibly creative.

The "Compromise" Boost Gauge

To read boost, you can take a pipe anywhere from the turbo to the engine, the problem is that you will only
get a boost reading, no vacuum reading. In fact, when the throttle closes, you'll get a boost spike which
isn't a correct boost reading. It'll be accurate all the time you are accelerating but that's about all.

The easiest pipe available is the boost bleed pipe. This pipe is arrowed below.

If you tee into this pipe and run a pipe to a boost gauge or fit a boost sensor, it will read boost.

This boost bleed pipe is an added escape route for boost air when the throttle closes.
It bleeds in 2 directions, the larger hose goes back to the TIK pipe before the turbo.
The smaller hose goes to a solenoid behind the throttle body.

The "Creative" Boost Gauge

I have already thought of an easier way to fit this gauge pipe quickly, neatly and in a way that works properly.
However, you'll have to wait as I have to create the part in CAD, prototyped by our manufacturer in Italy,
then I'll have to test it. It's all part of a bigger project that will hopefully work out.

Bear with me though. Hopefully it'll work as expected. I am having an issue with this one at the moment.

The "A Lot Of Work" Boost Gauge

My original idea was a lot more work but I thought of a different way that requires a few tools.
A 5mm drill bit, a 6mm tap, tap wrench, a 6mm barbed hose connector and some kind of sealant.


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