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451 CDI Exhaust Pressure Sensor

Modification Details

What Happens When It Fails?

Initially the car goes into a "kind of" safe mode. Normal safe mode severely reduces the 
power from the engine which normally limits the top speed of the car to about 40mph.

When the exhaust pressure sensor fails, you'll get a reduction in engine power but the car 
will still eventually get up to 60mph despite having no power over 2500rpm.

Have the error codes read to make sure it's the pressure sensor at fault.
Expect a code between P2078 and P2088 if you are using MB Star.
If you are using some cheap generic code reader, you might get something between P1408 to P1400.

Sensor Part Numbers

Smart will sell you this sensor with a smart part number on it.

SMART - 0061539528 version 1
SMART - 6429050100 version 2

However, it's a Bosch sensor. If you buy the sensor using a Bosch part number from a motor factors
you'll be able to buy them cheaper. It's a common part used on many Mercedes vehicles.
These are apparently compatible parts but I haven't tried them. So it's up to you if you want to try.

Bosch 0 281 002 924
Bosch 0 281 006 278
Bosch 0 281 006 279
Mercedes 0061534928
Mercedes 0061539528
Mercedes 0071536128
Mercedes 6429050100
Mercedes A0061534928
Mercedes A0061539528
Mercedes A0071536128
Mercedes A6429050100

Replacing The Sensor


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