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451 CDI Intercooler Removal

Modification Details

Should you decide to change the problem EGR cooler on your 54bhp CDI, You'll need to remove the intercooler.

Before you do this I would recommend not bothing and just bypass it instead.

Do You Wish To Continue?

Mad man! Loosen both hose clamps using a 7mm socket.

Squash the pipe, push it backwards and remove it. Then loosen the hose clamp next to it.

Pull the plastic hose away from the MAF sensor.

Remove the rear panels and look at the pipes at the bottom of the intercooler.
Undo the hose clamp at each end using a 7mm socket.

Pull the hose off of the car.

Disconnect the electrical connector from the fan. Lift the tab and pull the connector out.

At the top of the fan unit you will see this clip arrangement.

You have to:
1 - lever a tab out of the way so...
2 - both tabs can be pressed together.
3 - with the tabs out of the way, pull the fan top towards you to unclip it.

With the top unclipped you can lift the fan upwards to disconnect the tabs at the bottom.

Go back to the hoses and disconnect the branch pipe.

You'll have to use some pliers to open the clamp whilst you disconnect the pipe.

You can then remove the hose clamp to the turbo and remove the main air inlet pipe.

Look and the intercooler and you'll see another pipe. Use the pliers again to open the clamp and disconnect the pipe.

Cut both cable ties on the left side of the intercooler.

Pull the top of the intercooler towards you and look down the back.

Just behind the outlet you'll see a sensor. Press both tabs and pull the sensor clear.

You can now lift the intercooler from the car.
In the centre of the intercooler scoop is a deep recess. Remove the fixing. 

You'll then be able to pull the scoop out from the car.

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