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451 Coolant Radiator Removal

Modification Details

If you have a leak in your radiator, fit a new one, don't rely on fluids like RadWeld.

Changing the front coolant radiator is easy but actually getting to it is a long task.
If you don't have air conditioning, it'll be the only time that you are glad that you don't.

Accessing The Coolant Radiator

Remove the front panels.

Remove the headlights.

Remove the front crash bar.

Remove the front frame.

Remove the air conditioning radiator.

Drain all of the coolant.

Removing The Coolant Radiator

The photo below shows the AC rad swung out of the way but in reality, this would be off the car.
The coolant radiator has 2 pipes connected to it, 1 top right and 1 bottom left.

The clips used to hold these pipes in place are 1 shot deals so when you mangle them with a screwdriver as you
lever them open, you will have to replace them with new pipe clips. A pair of good quality Jubilee clips are ideal.

Once the pipes are disconnected and you have emptied the remaining torrent of coolant
from your shoes, the radiator simply pulls out from the frame that it is held in with.

With the new radiator fitted, the AC radiator back in place (if you had one), the frame, crashbar and headlights
back in place you can refill the coolant and then go to a local garage and get the AC regassed.

I have been sent some more photos to go with this page. I'll add them soon.

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