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451 Fortwo Coolant Leak

If your car suddenly overheated and you seem to have a waterfall somewhere behind the engine, there's a good chance you have a split coolant pipe.

Modification Details

Coolant Is Pouring From My Smart

In January 2015, Joe contacted me about his 451 losing coolant even when it wasn't running.
The scenario in which it happened made me believe the thermostatic housing had split however,
Joe asked if I had heard of the coolant pipe rubbing on the engine frame.

I knew it was an issue but since learning about the problem in October 2013, I hadn't come
across a single car with this fault, so, as is usually the case, the unused information was forgotten.

Luckily, I keep a good record of everything I have photographed.

What Cars Are Affected?

All petrol fortwo 451s are affected, including MHD.

Visual Proof

Here is the video that Joe sent me.

His photos seem to support the theory.


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