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451 Gearbox Motor Removal

Modification Details

If you have a non turbo model, great, you just need to remove the air inlet pipe to access the gearchange motors.

If you have the turbo petrol or diesel model, things are a bit more convoluted. Remove the fan, intercooler and scoop.

As there are 2 motors, there are 2 connectors. Disconnect both.

The connectors are sort of colour coded to the housings so you can't get it wrong when you reconnect them.
Then pay attention to the 4x Torx40 bolts holding the motor assembly to the engine.

Wiggle and pull and it'll come off.

If you don't move any of the cogs, you shouldn't need to reteach the gearbox with MB Star.

When you refit the motor, clean up both mating faces and apply RTV sealant around 1 of the mating faces,

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