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451 Gearbox Removal

Modification Details

Chances are, if you are removing the gearbox for some reason, your engine is still in the car. There are pros and cons.
The pros is that the engine is easier to steady because at one stage, the engine will be held up by 1 engine mount.
The cons is that you have less room to move to take off all of the things in the way.

If you have the cradle out of the car, you have better access but supporting the engine is a bit more tricky.

You can use wood or metal as long as it's strong enough to hang the engine on. You'll also need a ratchet strap
Wrap it around the engine but make sure it doesn't interfere with the gearbox casing.

You can try using jacks instead of a strap but the tilted engine is very hard to balance.

Remove the airbox. Disconnect the connectors from the gearbox motors.

Throw yourself under the car to find the clutch actuator. It's held on with 3x E10 bolts. 2 underneath...

...disconnect the clutch actuator connector and the gearbox rotation sensor...


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