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452 Roadster Engine Removal

Modification Details

452 Roadster Engine Removal

Step 0: Disconnect the battery earth connection.

Look at the engine, just above the oil filter. You'll see the coolant drain plug.

Use a 6mm allen key to open it a couple of turns. I recommend putting some hose over it to guide the coolant.

This will stop it making a mess and unnecessarily soaking your driveshaft.

Once you hose is in position, open the coolant tank reservoir cap. The coolant will flow from the car.

Whilst it's doing that, remove the oil. If you have fitted a sump with a drain plug, open it and catch the oil.

If your car has the standard sump, suck the oil out with a Manual oil removal pump.

Disconnect both of the ECU wiring connectors from the ECU.

Jack up the car, remove the wheel and the nearside wheelarch liner to gain access to the brake lines.

Pull out the retaining clips that hold the brake lines to the bracket.

Then use a 17mm and an 11mm spanner to undo the pipes.

Stop them dripping by capping them with these special pipe caps, 
see here. or use pipe clamps (not recommended).

Follow the hoses as the run behind the sill. You'll see a plastic clamp. Remove the 10mm nut and open the clamp.
Disconnect both of the off-white connectors just behind it. These are for the wheel rotation sensors.

On the engine cradle just above the brake lines, you'll see a connector. Disconnect it.
Replace the road wheel that you removed for access.


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