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452 Roadster Water Pump Change

Modification Details

Faulty Water Pump?

The water pump is designed to leak slightly when it needs replacing. Most of the time it is worn
bearings but the have been known to break blades. This reduces the performance of the pump
and bits of the blade can block water ways and make noises in the water pump housing.

If you are losing coolant or the car over heats easily, you might need to change the pump.

Draining The Coolant

You don't have to drain the coolant if the water pump bearing have failed, however, it is
a good idea to do it anyway and if there is any damage to the blades then the coolant
may be contaminated with metal particles. Changing the coolant can be found here.

Water Pump Removal

Jack the car upremove the rear wheels, disconnect the battery and remove the arch liners on 
both sides. Remove the 3 plastic nuts with a 10mm hexagon socket and pull the arch liner out.

Protecting the belts is a plastic cover. Pull out the front plug...

...followed by the rear plug. The cover will now come off the car.

Disconnect the X-frame by removing the arrowed bolts on both sides.
This gives access to the engine mount bolts.


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