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453 Engine Cover

Modification Details

453 Fortwo & 453 Forfour Engine Cover

Some people had problems with the single quarter turn fastener in the previous Fortwos and Roadster.
The 453 replaced the single fastener with something easier but takes ages to undo.

Here is the 453 engine cover.

There are 6 bolts holding this bloody thing down. (arrowed below).

The 6 fixings are standard bolts but with a larger moulded plastic head.
They are easy to grip and turn but you have to turn them about 10 full rotations each.

No one got time for that!

However, look at the top of the fixing. That shape looks familiar.

Thank fuck for that! Smart actually thought about it. Get a Torx 50 screwdriver bit,
stick it in an electric screwdriver or drill and whizz them all out in about 10 seconds.

When you refit them, always start them by hand so you don't cross thread them.
Once they are in and going, use your drill but don't over-do the tightness.

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