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Brake Hose Capping Tools

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Air In The Brake System = Bad

We all know what gravity does. What you might not know is what happens when you disconnect brake pipes and lines.

The brake fluid reservoir, master cylinder, ABS pump and most of the hoses are higher than the points you disconnect.
So, when you disconnect the brake calipers, front brake hoses, brake cylinder, rear brake hoses or the engine cradle,
you will slowly lose all of the brake fluid in the system. Eventually, 1 of 2 things will happen.

Air will pull in from the brake reservoir cap and all of the brake fluid will eventually drain out the pipes.
The draining fluid will create a low pressure in the reservoir and that will allow air bubbles to be pulled in through the pipes.
The air bubbles will rise and accumulate in the ABS pump. Then it's game over for the home mechanic.

So, if you are disconnecting a caliper, brake hose or brake pipe for more than a minute, cap them off.

Brake Line Cap Set

This set of brass caps and plug is all you need to disconnect all 4 corners and safely cap them off.

The front brake lines can be capped...

...or the same cap can be used on the brake hose instead.

The remaining cap and plug are used to block the 2 flexible pipes that join the car to the engine cradle.
So, if you are removing the engine by rolling the engine cradle out, these block the brake hoses.

Where Can I Buy These Awesome Tools?

They will shortly be available on the SmartMods website.

What Happens If Air Gets In The Brake System?

The brakes work by moving fluid from the master cylinder to the pistons of the front calipers and rear cylinders.
Fluid can transfer pressure but doesn't compress. However, if air is in the pipe, the air will compress as you brake.

That means the brake pedal will push in but it won't transfer the braking pressure to the calipers. That means poor braking.

It gets even worse if the air gets into the ABS pump because the only way to purge air from there is using MB Star (DAS).
That's a £600 piece of diagnostics and that's for a cheap Chinese clone.

So if you want to save yourself hundreds of money and a lot of work with 2 people, just buy these caps.


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