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Coil Pack Removal

The coil packs convert the car battery power to a high voltage, low ampage current that is sent to the spark plugs via the HT leads.

Modification Details

There are three coil packs in the smart, they have two sparkplugs attached to each one.
Each coil is assigned to a single cylinder and unlike the Alfa Romeo twin spark system, the smart fires both sparkplugs at the same time. This system increases efficiency and not performance.

Coil packs tend to die slowly, you may notice a loss of performance and you may get an error code stating a misfire in one of the cylinders. If the coil pack dies suddenly then the engine will run very badly, if at all. Check the spark plugs are ok and the HT leads are connected first.

Read off the error codes, it should tell which cylinder is having the problem.
Cylinder one is the nearest to the pulley wheel, in this case, the right.
Cylider two is in the centre and cylinder three is over to the left.

Removing The Coil Packs

Remove the rear bumper panels and the crash bar to increase access.
Ensure that the ignition is off so the coil packs won't be live.

You will see three torx headed bolts (circled in red),
remove these from the pack you are removing.
You will also see the lower HT leads emerging from each coil pack.
Pull out the HT lead from the coil pack that you plan to remove (blue arrows).

Look into the top of the engine, you should see the top torx bolts.

Remove the bolt from the broken coil pack...

...and pull off the top HT lead (blue arrows), this is an awkward one to get to.

Each coil pack has a wiring connector that needs to be pulled out.

The connectors are clipped at the sides and pull straight out (circled red).

This shows the layout of the coil packs as they are on the car with the electrical connections circled.

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