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Diesel 450 Engine Mounts

Modification Details

This is how to change the 3 engine mounts on the Diesel 450 fortwo.

Side Engine Mounts

Remove the bolts from the X-frame on either side and remove it from the car. You can just undo the top
bolts and pull the x frame down to get some clearance however, it's easier to remove it. (Thanks Clive).

Place the head of a trolley jack under the gearbox housing and take the weight.

Underneath the X frame you will find 2 bolts for the engine mount, remove them.
Then remove the Torx E bolts holding the mount to the engine. The mount will now be free.

Fit the new mount in place and resecure. Remove and replace 1 mount at a time.

Right mount - 0005810V003000000
Left mount - 0004719V006000000

These are labelled as you stand at the back of the car working on the engine.
(Not the odd way that smart label them, looking from the front of the car).

Front Engine Mount

This is the one that most people are asking about. It's not visible and so not easily changed as the other 2.
Normally this would be a hard job requiring the engine to be dropped or lowered.

However, thanks to Rob at S2smarts he was happy to show us the easy way to do it.


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