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Dump Valve Fitting

Fitting a DV is a relatively easy process, depending on the type, it will replace 1 of 2 parts. Thanks to Shadow for the extra photos.

Modification Details

This guide is for fitting a DV to a Roadster or a fortwo 450 only.
(we are working on the 451 and Brabus forfour).

Your DV will either come with a metal pipe or a silicone T piece, the following is by
no means a definitive guide but it should help understand what is fitted and where.

Forge Motorsport sell a set of intercooler pipes with the DV outlet already attached.
This means you don't have to mess around with T pieces and the original pipes.

Dump valves are a personal preference. You either like the noise they make or you don't.
They aren't going to increase performance, in fact, getting the wrong dump valve can damage your smart.

We recommend a Forge Motorsport restricted dump valve due to the size of the turbo on the smart.

First Things First.

It is a good idea to leave the dump valve submersed in clean engine oil over night before fitting,
it frees up the internals and makes it more effective straight away.
Allow the oil to drain fully from both ends of the DV before fitting.

DV With A Metal Pipe


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