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Ein DV Kaufen

So you want to buy a DV from Wiltec in Germany but your German is on par with your Icelandic and your Urdu? Follow the info below.

Modification Details

Wiltec Sequential DV

The website has been updated since I wrote this so there may be some changes.

In the top right hand corner click on the shopping trolley icon 'In Den Korb'.
On the next page click on the shopping trolley icon at the top centre of the page,
click bestellen (order) at the bottom,
in the red box below click Ich bin mit den Bestellhinweisen einverstanden! Weiter zur Bestellung (I agree with the order, continue).

You will now have a standard order form but in German, a lot of it is easy to understand.

  • Vorname - First Name
  • Nachname - last name
  • Strasse / Hausnr - House number and street name
  • PLZ - post code
  • Ort - Place
  • Land - choose 'GroBbrittanien'
  • Geburtsdatum - date of birth
  • Liefertermin - Date of delivery
  • Telefon
  • Mobil
  • Fax
  • eMail - all a bit obvious
  • Lieferadresse - ship to address
  • Anrede - gender (male HERR or female FRAU)
  • Vorkasse (Inland / Ausland) - inland/foreign country

    Tick the box next to Ich habe die allgemeinen Geschäfts- und
    Lieferbedingungen gelesen und bin damit einverstanden.

    (I have read and understood the the terms and conditions).

    Click Bestellen Senden (send order).

    He will send you an email confirming the order, reply saying you are English
    and would like to pay through Paypal. Bernd from Wiltec will send you another conformation email with a small extra paypal charge on it with the paypal
    address of . Pay it and in about 5 days later you get your DV.

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