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Electric Superchargers

Electric fan that sits in the air inlet pipe and increases performance by pushing air into the engine

Modification Details

Electric Supercharger

They come under many different names like Surbo, e-Ram etc. It is a 12volt ducted fan that is
placed in the air inlet pipe and acts like a turbo charger by pushing air into the engine.

How Much Are They?

About £150.

Where From?

Online companies and sellers on eBay.

Any Good?

SERIOUSLY! Don't even think about it. Are you an idiot?

These do absolutely f*ck all and, if anything, will reduce performance because it is blocking
the air inlet pipe. A 12v electric fan of that size can NEVER create enough air to positively
charge a standard engine. Put your money away and pretend you never considered it.

Why? The Evidence Says...

Electric fans are rated in CFM. Cubic feet of air in a minute.
Some small 12v fans are rated at 1000CFM which is more than an engine uses.


These ratings are for unrestricted air. In other words, no back pressure to fight.
As soon as there is any restriction in the pipe that figure will go down.

12v electric fans can move air, they just can't force air.

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