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Engine Reconditioning Info

The suprex engine isn't as robust as people hoped so reconditioning is now commonplace

Modification Details

Reconditioning, Refurbishing, Remanufacturing Or Rebuilding?


Lowest form of repair. Quick and cheap to get the motor running again.
Not a long term reliable repair, if a repair at all.

Engine is stripped, cleaned and rebuilt with correct torque values and clearances.

Generally no new components are fitted and no other work is done on the engine.
Nothing is checked before-hand and no measurements taken to assess the quality of the engine.


Is the process of restoring components to a functional and/or satisfactory state.

...disassembly and the replacement of worn parts with new or in spec parts.

Items are completely disassembled, all components are inspected and 
may be re-used if they are within factory specified operating tolerances. (Energy Link CA)


Next best thing to a new engine. engine which has been returned to the manufacturer’s specification to provide levels
of performance, reliability and life similar to that of the original engine. (

Engine is completely disassembled, all components are inspected and may be re-used if they
are within new tolerances (new tolerance is a tougher standard than operating tolerance).
(Energy Link CA)

A remanufactured engine must conform to:
British Standard Automobile Series Code of Practice BSI AU 257:2002

BSI AU 257:2002 Click to read


I'm not about to tell you how to recondition an engine, I'm not a mechanic and I don't have the
time to learn how to do this properly to teach you lot. Personally, I think if you want something
doing right and you don't know how to do it, pay someone who does know to do it for you.

Why bother taking all that time and effort? Remember, time is money.
What guarantee do you have that your repair will last!
You might save a few hundred quid but it could be false economy.

Can You Recommend Anyone?




Do it yourself, there is no skill involved. Just take it apart, clean it and put it back together.
 Don't expect the fix to last very long, if at all. Not a service you'd want to pay for.

I Recondition/Remanufacture Smart Engines
Can I have A Banner Here?

Yeah, contact me and let's discuss money and previous happy customers.

If the above companies can't help you then find a qualified rebuilder

Any Companies I Should Avoid?

NEVER use also known as:
Heathrow Engines
Heathrow Motor Services
Bray Engineering Repair Centre
Engines Direct
Brentsouth TradingEngine Warehouse
MPH Engineering Ltd

Why So Many Names?

Because Trading Standards are always on them and they have appeared on Watchdog.
As 1 of their company names gets bad reputation they will change the name of the company.

They quote low prices with a ridiculously high 5 year/60K mile warranty.
However, if you
search the internet you will find a lot of very unhappy customers.
They tend to find a lot wrong with the engine which bumps the price up and if you don't
pay it, you then have to pick a car up with a stripped down engine. They also charge
storage for the time the car is sitting there in pieces waiting to be collected.

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