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Excessive Oil Use

When smart engines get old they start using more and more oil but age isn't the only problem.

Modification Details

This is an ongoing list explaining the reasons behind excessive oil consumption. Some of
it is personal knowledge and some is information I have collected from other websites.

If you have anything to add, please let me know.

Excessive Oil Use Definition

Smart state that more than 1 litre of oil loss over 1000 miles is excessive.

I'd have to agree, it's very excessive. If you experience half of that oil loss I'd recommend
getting the car looked at and possibly having the engine reconditioned. It's not going to fix itself.

This page covers:
Pistons And Cylinders
Valve Guides And Stem Seals
Leaking Seals
Faulty Breather Pipe
Warped Head Or Damaged Head Gasket
Incorrect Oil
Incorrect Servicing
Worn Main Bearings
Leaking Turbo Seal


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