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Flashing Yellow Triangle

Sometimes you get the traction control light flashing on the speedo, what does that mean?

Modification Details

On all of the smart models, if the traction control kicks in for any reason, this symbol will flash.

If it flashes up then the traction control is working and being activated.
If the light stays on then there is a fault with the traction control system.

What Activates The Traction Control?

If the car senses the wheels losing grip then the TC will activate.
It will also activate if it senses any sudden drop in G force.

This can happen over speed bumps, on loose gravel, through spirited
acceleration, exuberant corner taking, driving on ice or mud etc.

What If I'm Driving Normally?

If you normally drive like an idiot then see above but if you are getting the TC light flashing when
you are driving sensibly then the fault usually lies with the rear reluctor rings. These have a
tendency to split which gives an incorrect reading and the car believes it is skidding.

Reluctor What?

Take a look
here for how to check them and here for how to replace them.

The Reluctor Rings Are OK, What Now?

The other traction control sensor is the lateral movement (or G-force) sensor.
On the 600cc fortwo it is located underneath the car and on the 700cc Fortwo
it is underneath the carpet under the nearside seat.
here for both sensor positions.

What If The Light Stays On?

If the yellow exclamation comes on and stays on, there's a chance you'll lose power too.

Check the rear reluctor rings. If it has cracked and fallen off, it will bring up an error.
This is the most common cause for the light to be on.

However, 2 other options that will bring on the light and reduce power are a faulty yaw
sensor (lateral movement sensor) or a faultyly or poorly aligned steering angle sensor.

MB Star diagnostics should tell you what fault is causing the error light and loss of power.

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