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Fuel Saver Magnets

For years now, sites and ebay sellers have enthused about the usefulness and efficiency of their fuel magnets. They often retail for big money plus postage and packing. Time to check them out.

Modification Details

What Is The Idea Behind These?

Magnetically charged hydrocarbons in the fuel line up to increase the fuel burn.
If the fuel burns better then you get a higher effiency and therefore higher MPG.
They are also supposed to reduce emissions from the exhaust and help clean the engine.

Where Do I Get Them?

Type 'Fuel Saver' or 'Fuel Magnet' into Ebay and check out the results.
Alternatively you can buy some standard Neodymium magnets from Ebay
and zip tie the to the petrol line. This is a cheaper option.

Which Type Are Best?

Every seller insists their design is best, whether it's the size, shape, colour or strength.
There are no magnets stronger for their size than neodymium, I got those.


The magnets are attached by one method or another to the fuel pipe which
joins the engine on the right hand side right next to the dipstick tube.
The fuel inlet pipe is the lower of the two pipes and has a brown right angled connection.

Here are the three neodymium magnets I fitted to mine using a zip tie.

These are just 3 standard magnets that I had left over from
this mod. They are zip
tied directly to the fuel inlet pipe, anywhere along this pipe will give the same results.

How Much Less Fuel Will I Use?

The sites and Ebay sellers quote anything up to a 28% fuel saving.
This however is absolute rubbish. It's quite simple, these magnets won't do anything.
They will not affect the petrol in any way, the emissions do not go down, they don't work.

I'll say it again, THEY DON'T WORK.

But What About (insert brand here), They Have Evidence

No, they really don't. All of the official reports are fake, the feedback from previous
customers and scientists are either made up or due to a placebo effect.

A placebo effect is where you expect something to happen so much that it will, even if
it envolves ignoring other evidence. Many other people just post good feedback and say
they work because they are embarrassed that they have spent so much money on something
that is only good for holding postcards and children's drawings to the fridge.

I Bought Some, What Shall I Do?

Firstly, punch yourself square in the face for being such an idiot.
If you bought proper fuel saver magnets, contact the seller and say they don't work.
Most offer a refund if you aren't happy with the results.

If you just bought some magnets you can just put them on the oil filter canister if you
have added the oil filter adapter mod. As said before, you can stick them on the fridge.

Alternatively you can ruin your CRT television or even have fun by placing them on the ZEE or
SAM unit of someones smart car. Relays are switched on by magnets and a good strong magnet
can activate a few at a time. If you have a friend who has a roadster, why not freak them
out by making them think they have a wet SAM unit (again). Ah, the possibilities.

Have fun.

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