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Intercooler Fan Removal

Modification Details

The intercooler fan is visible over on the left side of the engine bay. Removal is fairly easy. 

Disconnect the electrical connector from the intercooler fan.

Disconnect the throttle body electrical connection and then remove the 4x Torx E11 bolts.
Undo the pipe clamps (Jubilee clip) at the top and bottom of the intercooler pipe. Remove the pipe and throttle body.

Look at the top of the intercooler fan, you'll see a latched clip.

There is a plastic tab that sits inbetween the clips so they can't come together. This tab needs
to be pulled backwards to clear the clip so the 2 parts of the clip can be pushed together.

The top of the intercooler fan will now be free. The lower part of the fan pushes into a locator hole each side.

Just lift the intercooler fan to free it from the car.

The fan is now removed leaving you with the unobstructed intercooler radiator.

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