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Intercooler Fault

The intercooler seems to rub on the scoop causing it to wear through.

Modification Details

A new common problem seems to be coming to light with the 800cc diesel 450 intercooler.
It seems to be placed touching the top edge of the intercooler scoop which eventually wears
through the aluminium fins. When this happens you will get a loss of boost and dripping oil.

I had originally only ever heard of this happening on the Diesel 450 but Jon emailed me to
let me know that this problem also occurred on his Roadster and since then,
I have heard of many 450s and Roadsters with exactly the same fault.

Thanks to Kayble for the pictures and information.

Removing The Intercooler

Remove the back panel - detailed 
here. You will be left with:

 Remove the rear crash bar. 

 Remove the TIK hose. There's a jubilee clip at the airbox and another at the turbo. Don't forget to recover the seal that goes round the turbo inlet. With the TIK removed, you'll see this:

Remove the exhaust. This helps a lot with accessing the intercooler hoses.
Working from the top of the engine, remove the upper intake hose.


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