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Intercooler Radiator Removal

Modification Details

Remove the intercooler fan
to gain access to the intercooler radiator.

As you have already removed the upper intercooler pipe, you just have to remove the lower intercooler pipe.
This runs from the right hand port of the intercooler radiator to the turbo. Just loosen it at the turbo end.
This allows you to disconnect it from the intercooler radiator and twist the pipe down out of the way.

The intercooler radiator is only held in with 4 clips. These clips are on the side as arrowed below.

They clip into the intercooler scoop using 3 pronged clips. All 3 prongs go through each tab on the radiator.

You have 2 options. You can try to individually press the centre tabs to disengage all round.
This can be a bit of a hassle due to lack of space.

The 2nd option is to bend all of the tabs and pull the intercooler straight out.
These aluminium tabs are easily bent back in place after the radiator is refitted.

Now the radiator has been pulled from the car, you can see the intercooler scoop unobstructed.

Whilst you have the intercooler radiator out of the car, check the upper and lower edge on the back where
it could rub. It has been known for smarts to rub through the intercooler radiator causing a loss of boost.

Normally, the wearing is along the bottom edge. With the intercooler radiator out of the way, take the chance
to trim the scoop plastic back by 5mm using a tool of choice. The best option being a Dremel type rotary tool.

If you now need to remove the intercooler scoop, click here.

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