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Loose Wastegate Arm

This is becoming more of a problem as the smarts on our roads get older.

Modification Details


You may experience one or more of the following:

Severe loss of performance
No boost
Temperamental power
Safe mode and engine check light
 If you get any of these, quickly check the wastegate arm is still attached.

Where Am I Looking?

If you look under the car up behind the exhaust you will just see the bottom of the turbo.
You can see the position of the turbo in the picture below, off centre to the right.

You will see the wastegate actuator with the hoses coming from it. From the other end
is the wastegate actuator arm, follow it. It should connect to the wastegate lever.

It is the lever that the clip is pushed on to to hold the arm in place.

Fixing The Arm


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