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Lowering The Engine - 451

Modification Details

This page covers tipping the engine to gain access to the pulleys and full lowering of the engine.

Tipping The Engine

As with other smarts, the access to the pulleys is restricted but tipping the 451 engine is a bit more tricky.

Place a jack under the gearbox and protect the mating faces with a piece of wood.

Undo the track control rod arm  bolt using an E18 socket and an 18mm spanner on the back nut.
Repeat on the other side.

Remove the E16 bolt from either side of the top of the x-frame. Remove the whole frame from the car.

You need to disconnect the exhaust mount so the rubber doesn't get damaged.
You only need to do this on the side with the belt and pulleys.

Spraying the rubber mount allows the hanger to be pulled out much easier.

Remove the E10 bolt that holds the earth cable to the engine.

Remove all 3x E14 bolts that hold the right engine mount to the engine. It can be advantageous
to remove the 2 bolts that hold the engine mount to the car body. It gets it out of the way.

Let the jack off slowly so the engine tips. Stop short before the wiring loom touches the drive shaft.

You now have access to the belt tensioner and the water pump pulley and bolts.

To refit, pump the jack to raise the engine, replace the engine
mount and replace everything you removed or loosened.

Full Engine Partial Lowering

Remove the rear panels and look underneath the engine cradle arrowed below.


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