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Oil Catch Tank

Catches and condenses the burnt oil vapour from the crank case instead of pumping it into the engine.

Modification Details

What Is A Catch Tank

We all know that to get the best performance from out car we have to give it cold dense
air, with the burnt oil vapour being added this can retard the performance slightly.
Also, as the vapour passes through the intercooler it will condense causing the intercooler
and neighbouring pipes to fill with dead oil. It is this condensed oil that is blown out of the
outlet of a dump valve if fitted and makes people think there is a problem with their turbo.

The easiest option is to disconnect it. You obviously can't just leave the pipe dangling so the idea
is to extend the pipe and fit an oil catch tank. This catches the old oil in a container which can be
emptied and disposed of when necessary. As it isn't venting to the atmopshere, it will pass the MOT.

Fitting A Catch Tank

If you are thinking about catching oil from both breather pipes, you will need 2 tanks.
This is because the method of connection for each pipe is different.
You should NEVER plumb both breather pipes into the same catch tank.

Lower Breather Pipe

The lower breather pipe is connected to the TIK pipe, there is no boost or vaccum in the lower breather.
It breathes in both directions so can be plumbed directly to the catch tank.

The 2nd port on the catch tank must have a filter attached to it.


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