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Oil Coolers

Oil cooling is standard in the Roadster so it is a good idea if you have a modified fortwo to consider a form of oil cooler.

Modification Details

Why Fit An Oil Cooler?

There isn't much of a difference between the fortwo engine and the Roadster engine.

Valves made from a better material
Slightly different camshaft
Different turbo compressor and impeller
Heat exchange oil cooler

So why is it that the fortwo engines start dying about 60,000 miles where as the Roadster supasses this?
The better valves do help a lot as they do burn out on the fortwo but a lot of it must be down to the oil cooler.
So, if fitting an oil cooler could potentially make your engine last longer, why would you not fit one?
DIY Oil Cooler

It's one of the most over looked mods on the smart yet it can be a cheap
and easy mod to achieve using a few parts and a bit of imagination.

There are three possibilities to oil cooling on the smart.
Fitting a Roadster oil/water heat exchanger
Using an adapter and a take off plate
Using an adapter and increase cooling around the filter.

Fitting A Roadster Heat Exchanger


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