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PiperX Induction

Billed as an induction kit, the Pipercross Venom and Viper kits are enclosed air filters with a cold air feed pipe.

Modification Details

Venom And Viper, What's The Difference?

There is very little difference between the two kits.
The Venom filter has a powdercoated metal shoud surrounding the filter.
The Viper filter has a carbon fibre shroud surrounding the filter.

The carbon fibre shroud of the Viper filter is supposed to protect the charge air from the heat
of the engine more effectively than the metal shroud of the Venom. I'm not convinced.

The black of the carbon fibre will absorb more heat than the silver metal but the carbon fibre
doesn't hold heat as well as metal. In the end I don't think there is any advantage to either one.


I don't know how
Smartarse Design. suggest the kit is fitted but here is my way.
Firstly you need to remove the airbox and TIK elbow, as seen

Take the right angled pipe that you removed from the airbox, we are going to use it back to front.
Place the end that used to sit in the TIK pipe and place it into the neck of the filter.
It may take a little bit of force and rocking back and forth but it will go in.

Tighten a jubilee clip over the neck so it is secured to the right angled pipe.
Place the filter into position and put the other end of the right angle into the TIK.
(This used to be the end that went into the old airbox). Again, tighten down with a jubilee clip.

Take a short length of angled aluminium, drill three holes into it and attach the ECU to it.
Reattach both connectors to the ECU and slide back their fastening catches.

Slide the ECU with its new mount in place as shown and drill two holes through the
engine bay lip and through the angled aluminium. Be careful of wires as you drill.
Paint the holes with metal paint so they don't rust and then bolt the ECU in place.

That is the filter installed, it is exactly the same with the Viper.

Cold Feed Pipe Options


The filter is just left in the engine bay with no extra cold air feed tube attached.
Personally this is my favoured choice and doesn't seem to affect performance.
The air is seperated by the ECU so the flow under the car is relatively fresh.

The Trunk

The first fitments had the cold air feed trailing down to the bottom of the engine, sometimes
they were zip tied up, facing forwards or just flapping about untethered. The problem with
this layout was it looked silly and had the ability to slip down and suck up stray puddles.

The Scoop

An adaptation of the above but instead of hanging loose, a big hole is drilled into the
side of the intercooler air scoop and the pipe is attached in there. This is currently
Smartarse's preferred fitting method but i'm not a fan of it although it is a neat solution.

Drawing that much air from the intercooler scoop steals air that should be passing
across the intercooler. This increases the temperature of the air going into the
engine which then reduces the possible performance increase offered by the filter.

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