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Roadster Coil Pack Removal

Modification Details

Open the engine cover and look between you and the large smart logo on the air inlet manifold.

They are covered in a bunch of shit so I have coloured them in so you can see where they are.

Each one of the 3 coil packs have a 4 wire connector...

...disconnect it. You'll then have to remove the 2x E10 bolts from each one.

Each of the coil packs has 2 HT leads coming from it. Disconnect these from the coil pack or the spark plug.

Don't just pull the HT leads as they will become damaged.

The coil pack for cylinder 3 and 2 are covered by a cable tray on legs. It carries wires and pipes.

Pull the legs out from the coil packs and swing the cable tray out of the way.

With the tray out of the way, you can lift the coil packs off of the engine.

In case you forgot which way they went back, here you go.

It doesn't matter which one goes where. They are all the same and control 1 cyclinder each.

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