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Roadster Larger Oil Sump Pan

Modification Details

More Oil, More Better

OK, the grammar is terrible but facts are there. The more oil your engine has available, the slower it will degrade.
Now, I'm not saying to put more oil in your engine, that'd be terrible. What we need is a bigger sump.

Bigger Sump, Bigger Cost?

You can already buy bigger sumps. They are generally plastic or cast aluminium. They aren't cheap.
The plastic sump can be hard to seal and wouldn't be robust against a knock. They also don't really cool the oil.

What's The Cheap Option?

A standard smart oil sump. I know you're confused now but it'll all be explained.

Remove The Old Sump

 Obviously you aren't going to get far unless you remove the old sump. This engine already had a
shit aftermarket sump
 with a drain plug fitted. Too much sealant had been used, different types of
bolts in several lengths and 1 had snapped.
 (but the person who fitted the sump tried to cover their
tracks by gluing the bolt head in place with the same sealant.

Yours should be held in with E8 bolts.

Hit the sump with a rubber mallet to free it. Don't wedge things between the 2 pieces and lever.
If you damage the softer aluminium mating face of the engine, sealing the new sump is going to be much harder.

Carefully clean up the mating face of the engine.

See the big black penis? That's the oil pick up pipe. It pulls the oil up there and into the engine.
Remove it by taking out the 3x E10 bolts.

The pick up pipe has a coarse filter in the neck. This shows why I don't like using sealant to seal the sump.
The robot in the factory knows how much is needed. You don't. This filter is 60% blocked with silicone sealant.

Time For New Parts

This is the new pick up pipe shown below the old one. It's about 20mm longer.

This is the old sump.

I used an x-ray machine to see through it. 
It's hard to make out because of the angle but the pick up pipe sits very close to the face of the sump pan.

With the sump off, you can see the old oil pick up pipe.

Remove it and fit the longer replacement. It has a slightly different angle too.


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