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Starter Motor Removal

How to remove the starter motor

Modification Details

Thanks to Fred from Fred Boxall Cars for the following information.
Thanks also to Andzej B for many of the pictures and Gordon H for some info.

Starter Motor Removal

With vehicle raised, remove the lower section of the plastic air scoop in front of the gearbox.
It is held in position with 2 metal clips and 1 push in plastic pin.

Follow procedure for Lowering Engine, ( Right Side Only )

With the engine lowered, remove the top intercooler pipe between throttle housing and intercooler.

Remove the electrical connection to the throttle housing and remove the throttle housing.

Remove the intercooler fan (clipped in at top/centre). Prise open the clip and lift out and up.
Disconnect the lower intercooler pipe from the intercooler to the turbo.

Remove the intercooler by unclipping the 2 clips either side, pull off dowel/guide to right.
Remove the upper section of the air scoop which is bolted to the gearbox by 2 small torx bolts. 

There is A retainer clip on both outside edges of the air scoop, down at the bottom.
The rubber grommet over the cast alloy lug in the bottom right hand corner also holds the scoop
in place. The air scoop pulls off this lug by pulling the air scoop towards the back of the car.


The bolts holding the starter motor in position are now visible.

Remove the wire to the temperature sensor on top of the thermostat housing.

Undo the thermostat housing by removing the 2 torx bolts and undo the short coolant
hose from the thermostat housing to the water junction above alternator.

Swing the housing and hoses over to the left to expose the starter motor.

Only undo the coolant hose when cold as there will be a small loss of coolant.

Disconnect the push on wire to the starter solenoid and remove the
13mm nut to disconnect the main power lead.

Remove the long torx E-bolts that hold the starter to the gearbox and pull back the starter motor.

(There is no need to remove A/C pipes). The starter motor can be turned and removed between the top of the gearbox and underneath the air conditioning hoses.

It is REALLY tight but it does fit.

Install your new starter motor in reverse order of that shown above.

When everything is refitted, you'll have to remove the air lock that will form.

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