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Throttle Body Fix

The throttle body is a fairly robust bit of kit, it is also used on much bigger cars with no problems. It is unlikely to go wrong but you never know.

Modification Details

Firstly you need to remove the top intercooler pipe, this can be found here.
The throttle body will now be accessible from the left hand side.

Using an E10 Torx socket, remove all 4 bolts around the outside (circled red).
As you lift the throttle body out you will notice that it is joined by some wires.
Squeeze the connector on either side to release the clips and pull the connector out.


Open it up using a thin blade screwdriver in the side of each metal clip.
Lever from the metal side and not the plastic side to reduce the damage.

Pull the black cover directly off to unhook the internal power connections.
Highlighted in red is the carbon resistor strips that the brushes (circled in blue) follow.
The position of the brushes on this strip relay the throttle position to the car's ECU.

Use some spray contact cleaner and clean up the strips, wipe them clean.
Spray the brushes and blow them dry, do not wipe them, they are fragile.

The 3 cogs slow down the rotation of the motor so the throttle can open at a slower speed.
Each cog increases the rotational torque of the motor allowing closure at full boost.

These are the 2 power connections that feed the power to the electric motor.
These just slide over a pair of matching tabs on the other side.
Before reconstructing the throttle body, ensure the seal is pushed into the plastic slot.
This makes it much easier to mate the plastic section back onto the metal section.

Check the rubber seal isn't damaged and look for signs of water or oil ingress.

Push all the clips back in place. Put the clip onto the plastic side and push onto the metal side.
Again, this just reduces the amount of damage the clip does to the soft plastic side of the housing.


Use a cleaning fluid or spray such as standard brake cleaner or a Gunk type engine cleaning product.
Clean the outside metal parts of the casing but pay more attention to the air intake and the throttle valve.
The throttle valve "butterfly" can be rotated manually so you can clean passed and around it.

There is no need to remove the butterfly as this can cause replacement issues.

Clean the rest of the metal casing with a wire brush if necessary and wipe it with a clean cloth.


Reattach to the car using the 4 torx bolts, be mindful of the green seal between the throttle
body and the inlet manifold. Ensure it is clean and straight before replacing the throttle body.

Remember to reconnect the wiring connector or you won't be driving anywhere.

It's Still Humming

It's supposed to hum.

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