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Throttle Body Orientation

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I get this question a few times a year.

"I can't close my engine cover"

When I first heard it back in 2006, I thought they were just being a mong with no dexterity. Then I received a photo.
After that, every photo has been the same. I have no idea how they end up like this but...

The throttle body is placed in the wrong orientation.

The throttle body has been fitted with the black cover facing straight up instead of facing towards the front
of the car. As you can see from the straight edge placed in the photo, the black cover sits way too high.

If you do manage to get the engine cover closed, it bows the cover and wears the sound deadening away.

This is how it is supposed to be with the black cover facing away from you, towards the front of the car.

To swap it around, you just have to remove the 4x E11 bolts, spin it to the correct location and replace the bolts. 

Now you can close your engine cover.



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