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Turbo Removal Roadster

Modification Details

Before you start, spray all the fixings with a penetrating oil.
The more you repeat it and the longer you leave it, the better.

Remove the rear panels, the exhaust, the lambda sensor in the exhaust, lower IC pipe and the TIK pipe.

Remove the small E10 bolt from just below the turbo lambda sensor.

Remove the 2x 8mm bolts that hold the wastegate actuator to the turbo.

Lever off the C-clip that holds the wastegate actuator arm to the wategate.

You can now pull the wastegate actuator out of the way.

Remove the TIK seal, you might want to reuse or replace it depending on the condition.

On the right end of the turbo manifold is the secondary air injection inlet pipe, remove both nuts.

Follow the pipe up and remove the banjo bolt. The pipe will come free from the car.


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