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Unseize The Alternator

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How Do I Know If My Alternator Is Seized?

Have a look at this page that details the symptoms.

How To Fix A Seized Alternator

If your alternator is seized you may not need to replace with new or remove it from the car.
The open design is to help cooling but unfortunately also allows water to get in.
This can seize the alternator of a car left standing for more than a few days.

Not refitting the plastic guard will also increase the chance of a seized alternator.

Depending on what tools you have at your disposal, you may be able to repair it without
lowering the engine at all.  This is the alternator and its pulley wheel.

To view the alternator, loosen the wheel nuts on the offside wheel, jack the car up and remove the wheel.
Just behind the suspension spring you will (hopefully) see the belt cover. This needs to be removed.

Look at the top of the cover and you'll see 2 large plastic press fit plugs.
You have to butcher these a bit to get them to slide out.

Once they are both out, you can pull the cover down and out of the way.


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