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450 Crash Bar Removal

Modification Details

Remove the front panels to reveal the crash bar.

The crash bar has a polystyrene cover. It's easier if it's out of the way.

Grab the polystyrene and tilt it upwards.

Throw it across the garage.

There are 3x Torx 40 bolts on each end. 1 on the top, 1 on the side and...

...1 on the bottom.

Even with all 6 bolts removed, the crash bar won't fall off. There's a metal tab each side.
On the right hand side, there's an upwards tab so lift the crash bar upwards and pull it away from the car.

On the left hand side is a sideways tab so slide the crash bar sideways...

...and you are now holding the crash bar.

Throw it across the garage.

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