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450 Fortwo Front Bulb Change

Changing the headlight bulbs.

Modification Details

Fortwo (Service Screen)

The main problem with this method is that you can't see what you are doing, it is all done by touch.
It gets easier every time you do it this way so it's worth experimenting if your arms fit.

  • Remove the cap by pushing the clip and pulling the cap out.

  • Pull the electrical connector from the back of the bulb.

  • There is a metal M clip holding the bulb in place, you have to press
    the centre of the M and unclip both sides.
    Keep one finger on the back of the bulb or it will fall out.

  • Carefully pull the bulb out and replace with a new one.
    Remember not to touch the glass of the new bulb.

  • The new bulb must go in the right way, it has a flat ridge on the
    metal collar and a metal tab, this should face up.

  • Holding the new bulb in place simply swing the metal M back up and clip in both sides.

  • Refit the wiring connector to the back of the bulb and check it works ok.

  • Refit the cover over the back of the lamp, the clip should be at the
    same angle as your arm and 2 legs clip in at the back.

Put the service screen on and job done.

I just wanted to show that it is possible to change the bulbs through the service screen. I have
done it on a few occasions and it takes less than 5 minutes each, you really need manual dexterity.

Practice doing it this way, if it works you have saved yourself a load of time,
if it doesn't and you drop the bulb or the cap you will have to take the front off to rescue it.
I figure if you were going to take the front off anyway you haven't lost anything.

Many people have said the job is only slightly easier with the front off anyway.
Hopefully these pictures may help you a bit as it isn't easy to work out what the
rear of the light is like. The almond and peanut lights have different fittings too.

Double Ellipse Peanut Light Fixings

This is the rear of the cabrio and facelift model fortwo.

You can see the metal M clip that pushes to one side and swings down,

You can also see the tab on the bulb base that orients the bulb correctly
at the middle point of the M shaped clip.

Original Almond Shaped Light Fixings

This is the rear of the original non cabrio mk1 to mk5 fortwo. This uses a single bulb for
high and low beam unlike the peanut style lights which has one bulb for each setting.

You can see the clip is U shaped and clips into holes opposite each other.
To release the clip, push the top in on both side and the clip will fold down.

Fortwo (Front Off)

Thanks to Problemchild (JJ) for providing this info.

Ok, first you need to remove the front panels as set out
You then need to remove the headlights from the car to gain acces to the back,
see here.

From left to right (this is the drivers-RHD light unit) we have...

Unit1 = dipped beam
Unit2 = full beam and side light
Unit3 = indicator (you can just see the edge of it where the the green and brown wire goes)

Remove the black cover of each unit.

Replacing The Indicator Bulbs

The indicator bulb is housed in a white plastic holder.

Rotate the connection a quarter turn downwards.

The housing can now be pulled from the headlight.

To remove the bulb from the holder, push in, twist anticlockwise and pull.

Replacing The Side Lights

To replace the side light bulb, the bulb holder is just a push fit so use a screwdriver to pop it out.

Once you have swapped the bulbs over, just push the holder back into the hole ensuring you
have the correct orientation. If you want to replace the full beam bulb, remove the connector
and undo the clip that holds it in place and remove the bulb. Fit the new bulb - don't touch the
bulb glass as it will ruin it. Redo the clips and and replace the cover tightly.

It's exactly the same for the dipped beam bulb too as below...

Then do the other side - easy

Screw the units back into place. Try to align the top bolt with its original position
(it will be the clean patch) ,
check the alignment anyway but it should be quite close.


If you are one of the few Crossblade owners, you better get good at changing bulbs
through the service screen because taking the panels off a Crossblade is no easy task.

Along the front of the Crossblade wind visor are three Dzus quarter turn fasteners.
Using a suitable coin, twist all three a quarter turn anticlockwise and they will spring out.

With all three unscrewed you can lift the wind visor section like a small bonnet.

This allows you access to the service screens, at this point you can follow the above information
for changing a Fortwo bulb through the service screen. The light units are exactly the same.

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