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450 Windscreen Washer Pump

Modification Details

To access the windscreen washer pump on the 450 fortwo, remove the front panels.

Look to the right side of the washer fluid tank...

...and you'll see the pump with 1 electrical connector and 2 pipes. The pump can spin in either directions.
Depending on the direction, it'll either pump water forwards or backwards.

Disconnect the electrical connector by...

...pushing the lever back on the tab. This can be stiff.

With the tab pulled back, you can pull the electrical connector off.

Pay attention to the pipes at the bottom.

Pull off the front pipe...

...and the rear pipe.

Pull the top of the pump over to the right to disconnect it from the clip built into the tank...

...and then pull the pump upwards to remove it from the car. Pay attention to the rubber seal in the tank.
Sometimes it'll come out attached to the pump or it'll stay in the tank. Just don't lose it.

It's worth remembering that any washer fluid above the level of the hole will leak out onto the fllor.

They fail for a few reasons like motor failure, impeller failure or check valve failure.
This can result in either full failure for front and rear or just 1 direction not working.

Obviously you can buy a replacement pump from smart but it's cheaper to go on eBay and look for an aftermarket pump.

If you go onto eBay and do a search for Vauxhall washer pump. Match the look of your pump to the eBay photos.
Be very careful to double check the electrical connector shape. The pumps with a blue check valve have a square connector.
You don't want this square shape, you want the D shaped connector which come on pumps with a white check valve.

Vauxhall, Audi, BMW, Mini, Rover, Seat and VW all seem to use the same pump.
Again, check the connector is correct and the number of outlets.

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