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Exterior guides and mods

451 Door Glass Removal

Tinting the glass properly, replacing the glass or cleaning out the runners?

Modification Details

Turns out that glass is fairly fragile, who'd have guessed! To be fair, a flint flicked up by a tyre, traveling
at a high enough velocity that it punches a hole straight through a film tinted window. The glass
was no match. The flint actually exploded on the way through. Time to replace that window.

Remove the wing mirror.

Clear up any glass that you find. Safety glass can still be sharp. In this instance, because it was tinted,
the glass came out in 1 big floppy section that was easy to deal with. If you don't have a security film
applied, you'll find little cubes of glass everywhere so get the vacuum out and start tidying.

Remove the door panel to access the window fixings. You'll find even more broken glass in here.

Just below the top rail you'll see the glass clamps.

Turn the ignition to position 1 and lower the window slightly.

Undo both T40 bolts.

Vacuum up all of the glass you continue to find.

Here is the replacement glass, tinted and ready to fit.

Ensure that both of the front and rear runners are clear from broken glass and lubricate with white lithium grease.

Slide the new window into the runners and pay close attention to the interior seal as it'll get caught.

Position the holes over the fixings, place the plastic covers in place, push the window
to the lowest point it will sit in the fixing and tighten the bolts. Don't go mad.

Operate the window all the way down and then all the way up. The window should be level with the quarter glass.

It should also match the rubber seal along the top of the door.

Check the tightness of the fixings once again.

The window is now fitted.

Replace the door panel and mirror.

Job done.

Door Quarter Glass Removal

Follow the guide above to remove the main door glass.

Using a Torx30 screwdriver, remove the 2 bolts arrowed below.

The top bolt is recessed into the top door bar...

...and the lower bolt connects through a bracket to the middle door bar.

Wiggle and lift the entire glass unit and it will come free. The bracket at the bottom will interfere
with the top bar during removal. Angling and twisting will aid in its removal (or you can bend
the top door bar very slightly if you pull the window unit to the middle of the door).

Refit the new glass, tighten the top bolt securely and loosely fit the lower bolt. With the door
open, pull the lower bracket towards you and tighten the lower bolt. This angles the glass
slightly inwards so it seals correctly when the door is closed.

Refit the main glass section, the door card and the mirror and the job is completed.


On a side note, I would recommend tinting your windows, even with clear security film.
It gives them more strength and holds everything together if the window does break.

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