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451 Front Frame Removal

The front of the 451 is taken up by a huge plastic frame, here's how to change it

Modification Details

Although it's hard to see even with the front panels off, the front section of the 451 is made up of a
gigantic mounting frame that many other parts attach to like the radiator, scuttle and headlights.

It's very common for this frame to become damaged during a front end collision.
Any front side or low impacts can miss the crash zones and pass all the force into this frame.
Invariably it breaks so something won't attach to it correctly so the whole thing needs changing.

Personally I hit a fox on the left side and went down a ditch on the right side.

The green lines show the basic outline of the mounting frame.

Initial Work

Remove the front panels, the headlights and the front crash member.

Frame Removal

In the front of each wheel arch is a plastic rivet, pull the plastic pin out and pull out the surround.

Using a 10mm socket, remove the screw that holds the front section of the undertray in place.


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