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451 Fuel Filler Flap Removal

Incase your filler flap gets damaged or you want to replace the flap with an aftermarket one.

Modification Details

Removing The Assembly

Remove the rear panels to gain access to the filler flap assembly.

At the back of the filler are a pair of clips, push these in and push the filler assembly outwards.

There is a tab top and bottom that will slip back and angle out as you remove the filler.

The unit will now be free to twist and remove from the panel.

Refitting is the reverse of removal.

Removing The Filler Flap

You do not have to remove the assembly from the car to remove the flap section.
Open the filler flap and look into the hole under the finger indent.

Use a thin flat blade screwdriver to go in and press down the plastic clip.

With the clip pressed down, slide the cover towards you to remove it.

With the flap off you can see the the clip on the left and the associated tab on the right.

Refitting is a simple case of sliding it back in place. Replacement aftermarket filler
caps may require you to drill holes in the support and bolt through into the new cover.

Filler Flap Secret

Most filler flaps have the option of holding the cap when you fill up. This one is no different.

This reduces the chances of scratching your arch with the filler cap.

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