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451 Rear Hatch Leak

Modification Details

Water Marks On The Inside Of The Boot Glass

This used to drive me mad, I'd clean the windows all around but when I got in the car there were drip marks.
After many trips back and forth to try and clean these marks off I realised that they were inside the car.

Once I realised that the water was getting in, the job was simple, find out how and where. Then stop it.

I had a slight drawback as the car I was going to do this guide on, died the weekend before I was going to look in July 2014.
The car then sat at S2smarts for a long time so I never had the time to go and look at this fix.

It has taken 6 months for me to get another 451 coupe in the workshop so I can complete this info.

Where Is The Water Coming In?

Originally I thought it was the rubber seal. I tried moving it around, cleaning it etc, nothing worked.
The only place left was the wiper spindle as it passed through the car. The water stains appeared
from behind the interior top hatch trim piece so it would lend itself to that conclusion.

Time To Break Open The Silicone Sealant

Pull back the hinged cover that hides the 13mm nut and the squirter.

With a pair of pliers, carefully grip the tip, give it a wiggle and a pull...

...and the squirter tip will come out.

Then remove the 13mm nut, this holds the wiper onto the spindle.

Open the boot and remove the 2x Torx20 screws shown below.


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