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451 Side Indicator Removal

Modification Details

This is the indicator (side repeater) on the 451 fortwo.
Removing it from the wing panel isn't as easy as some other sites make out.

Some sites believe that they can be pushed backwards slightly and pulled out from the front edge.
That doesn't work on the 451 indicators because the angled bulb holder interferes with the panel.

(Above, wrong! Don't listen to other sites.)

You are supposed to half remove the front panels in order to get to the clip, however, it can be done without that.
The photo below is of the leading edge of the open door. The arrow points towards the indicator.

Place a screwdriver between the panel and the hinge, locate the clip and push it slightly.

The back edge of the indicator will then pop out. You can then pull it towards the back of the car... free it from the panel. Twist the bulb holder a quarter turn and then pull to remove it.

When you refit the indicator, place the front edge in first and push the back edge in place to seat the clip.

The Clip Broke

Yes, like many plastic parts, they degrade and become brittle.
The good news is that smart updated the part and added a metal clip.

Go to a smart dealer and buy a pair. They won't be expensive.

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