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451 Smann Side Skirts

Why put up with the Brabus skirts which are just painted standard skirts, lets fit something better.

Modification Details

Where Do I Buy Them?

You can buy them direct from S-mann or through S2smarts in London.
If you are in the USA, head on over to SmartMadness
 for S-Mann gear.

Prep Work 

The only prep work required is having the skirts sprayed to match your car. 

Fitting The Skirts 

The S-mann skirts bonds over the top of the smart original side skirts, it isn’t totally necessary to remove the original skirts from the car but it does make the fitting process that little bit easier. 

This shows the S-Mann side skirt and the standard skirt above it.
The S-Mann skirt follows exactly the same lines but has a wider flare at the back.


Take your body kit adhesive. Tigerseal  is the easiest to get in the UK. 

Depending on what you get, you may have to remove the tin base with a can opener. 

Clean the inside of the skirts with a degreaser to remove any release agent.
Take the supplied mesh, place it over the vent on the inside of the skirt.
Apply body kit sealant all the way around to bond it in place.

Allow the adhesive to cure for a few hours so the mesh stays in place during the next process.
Use 400 to 600 grit sand paper to rough up the inside of the skirt where the bonding will be.
Apply adhesive to the top edge of the skirt and down the side.


Take the 400 grit sand paper and rub down the original skirt where the adhesive will touch it. 
Most plastics still have a layer or mould release agent on them from the factory, this has to be removed or the adhesive will not stick. Sandpaper will remove this.
 Take your time on this step.

Wipe the original skirt down with a wet cloth, this helps the adhesive stick.
Place the new skirt onto the original.

Ensure it is correctly lined up and use masking tape to hold the 2 together for at least 24 hours while the adhesive cures.  You can also use clamps to hold the pieces together but be careful not to clamp too tightly and never clamp directly to the painted surface, this can damage the paintwork. 

Lay up a few layers of masking tape for the clamp head to sit on.

You are supplied with 5 small self tapping screws for each skirt, as soon as you have taped the skirts into place, screw the screws into place. They all run along the base and screw through the holes and tap directly into the original skirt. 

Recheck the skirt is taped in place correctly and leave to set. It is always worth checking regularly to ensure that none of the tape has become unstuck and allowed the 2 parts to separate. If you don’t catch it in time and the adhesive sets, you won’t be able to part them for a second try. 

After at least 24 hours curing time at room temperature you can remove all of the
masking tape and clamps and refit to the car.

Great fit and looks superb.

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