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451 Spoiler Removal

There are very few reasons to remove the spoiler except for if it gets damaged or removed to bond a new spoiler to it, but here is the info anyway.

Modification Details

Remove the high level brake light and disconnect the bulb as seen here.

Open the glass hatch and use an 8mm socket or a Torx20 screwdriver to remove this screw...

...and these 2 as well. Repeat on the other side.

The screws come out all the way and pull backwards to release.
The elongated hole allows this movement, wthout it you would have to loosen the hinges.

Remove the screw just above the wiper with a Torx 15 driver.

If you need to loosen the hinges you will need an E10 spanner or shallow socket.

Pull the spoiler up and backwards to remove from the car.

When refitting the spoiler make sure it sits in the valley just above the wiper.
Do the fixings up, lower the glass hatch and check for any adjustments required to make the
spoiler sit flat and straight. Loosen 1 or 2 screws at a time, make the adjustment and retighten.

When the spoiler is positioned correctly, retighten all the fixings.

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