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451 Wiper Mechanism Removal

How to gain access to, fix, remove and repair the 451 wiper mechanism.

Modification Details

Firstly remove the front panels, remove the headlights and remove the front crash member.

Then follow the guide for removing the front mounting frame.

Once the mounting frame has been removed from the car it is very easy to see how
to remove the wiper mechanism, replace the motor or replace any worn linkage arms.

The are standard Torx screw fixings at each end and in the centre.
The electrical connection made to the motor is just off to the right and just pulls off.

Replacement linkage arms can't yet be bought from smart.
They have a ball and socket type connection that just pops apart when pulled.

Over time it is common for these joints to wear and for the linkage arms to pop off.
Generally you will need to replace it for new as refitting the old one won't stay on for long.

You will have to locate aftermarket linkages or buy a new mechanism.

Entire wiper mechanism part number A 451 820 00 40

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