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453 Boot Hatch Removal

Modification Details

Official Method

Remove the boot panel to reveal the inner gubbins. (that'll confuse non English speakers).

Look bottom left and you'll see an electrical connector, disconnect it.

Push the rubber conduit grommet through the panel.

Remove the straps from either side using a Torx40 driver.

Lift the boot hatch back up and look at the hinges on the bottom edge.

Use a 13mm socket on a ratchet and remove both nuts. The hatch can now be removed.

That's a hell of a lot easier than the previous model.

Quick (451) Method

Ian from BigPerformance let me know that you don't have to disconnect the boot if you don't want to.
Much like the previous fortwo, the boot can be unbolted and swung into the boot but still leaving the electrics connected.

Due to the position and angle of the wiring, you get a lot more slack on the wiring compared to the previous model fortwo.

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