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453 Door Handle Removal

Modification Details

External Handle Removal

Open the door and look at the back of the handle. Finally I have a use for a Torx27 screwdriver.

Look on the trailing edge of the door and pull out the rubber bung.

Use a Torx30 screwdriver to undo this bolt about 10 turns. You don't need to remove it.

Grab the exterior handle and slide it backwards.

Once there, you can pull it from the car.

Left Side Key Lock

On the nearside of the car is a lock that can be used with the car key to manually open the door.
It has its own cable which will need to be disconnected but it's easier to remove the lock.

Remove the screw with a Torx20 screwdriver.

Flip the handle over to view the bottom of the lock. Press the catch in and slide the lock mechanism out.

Simple and easy to refit.

Door Handle Cable Disconnection

Flip the handle over to view the back...

You'll see a plastic wing nut type thing on the cable. Twist it clockwise a quarter turn.

The wing nut thing can now be pulled up and away from the handle.

Flip the handle upside down to view where the cable enters the handle.
Line the cable up and push it out of the hole.

The handle can now be taken away from the car.

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